What is Biofeedback and how will it help me?

Biofeedback is a way to take a close look at what is happening, in real time, in your peripheral nervous system, and helps you learn to influence this system with simple behavioral changes. With sensitive instrumentation, we are able to amplify subtle signals produced by your body, and show them to us with graphs and images, then we can better understand and even improve function of the autonomic nervous system. Many (or most!) of us go through our lives in varying degrees of the “fight or flight” response. We get used to this being the normal state of our bodies. As a result, we stop paying attention to this activation and it proceeds unchecked. This can cause or contribute to a variety of issues. With a course of biofeedback training you become more able to notice subtle cues your body gives you, and develop the confidence to improve your skill for self-regulation and returning to balance.





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